The Republic of Tajikistan.

Capital. Duashanbe

Area. 143100 km2

Population. 6600 000 people.

Location. Tajikistan is bounded by Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan in the north, by China in the east, by Afghanistan in the south.

Mostly visited places. Dushanbe, Khujand, Penjikent, Istarafshan, Kurban –Tube, Khorog, Iskanderkul.

State language. Tajik

Religion. The dominating religion in Tajikistan is Islam. The majority of the population is Muslims and Sunnites.

Ethnic composition. 62% — Tajiks, 24% — Uzbeks, 3,5% — Russians.

Currency. Somoni = 100 tanga

Flora. There are more than 4,5 thousand variety of plants, including deciduous plants, shrubs and grassland.

Fauna. In Tajikistan live snow leopard, goats, lizards, wolves, jackals, cane cats, porcupines and deers.

Rivers and Seas. The biggest rivers are Syrdarya, Zerafshan, Amudarya and its inflows Baxsh, Pyandj and Kofarnixon. the biggest Sea- Korakul.