Solidarity Tourism in Mitan village

Solidarity Tourism Project in Mitan village

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes…”
Marcel Proust

The Silk Road Destinations team aspires to the development of tourism sphere in the country and to benefit local communities by sets of its projects and organization of various voyages, including the meetings and unique discoveries.

Mysteriously close and rarely visited village Mitan is situated in 60 km of Samarkand city, one of the best examples of rare authenticity in Europe, opens the doors of unforgettable visits and meetings, warm hospitality by open-hearted hosts.

The Mitan village welcomed its first visitors in 2008; it was an adventure of unforgettable experiences, rich with meetings and exchanges.

After this first successful experiment and, in order to further develop this kind of tourism, the community of village with Silk Road Destination decided to undertake a project of cooperation and solidarity in the Mitan village.

Our aim is to mainly emphasize the Human Voyage and the Meetings, which lead to development of economy and improvement the living conditions of the local population, as well as preservation of natural resources and cultural heritages.

By the help of various meetings with farmers, beekeepers, village leaders and cute Uzbek children in magic environment, you can make acquaintance with daily life of local residents.

The main objectives of the project could be divided into these three principals:

Authentic meetings and various exchanges between the visitors and local residents are the best ways of cross-cultural understanding; as well, participation to various kinds of activities leads to familiarization with lifestyle of local people.
— The development of tourism sphere and to provide local people with new household resources, to make financial and logistic support without violating the traditional customs and avoiding tourism of mass.
Improving the beekeeping farm which exists in the region for centuries and promote its products.

Your participation can express itself under different forms: from your inscription to the trip in Uzbekistan with Silk Road Destinations, the financial donations or materials of the trip will be transferred to the village community. The leader of village community, aksakal, reinvests the financial and material drawn benefices of their touristic activities, actions and collective plans, contributing to development balance and lasting of village families and from their territories.

Participating to this project, you discover Uzbekistan with another vision and contribute to social development with Silk Road Destination!