Our team

  • Shahlo - English and French speaking manager


    My name is Shahlo. I was born in Uzbekistan, in one of the most ancient cities of the world, in Samarkand.

    My hobby is to travel and learn more and more foreign languages, traditions and culture! Besides, I am fascinated by Islamic and the most ancient architectures of the world and my biggest dream is to visit Machu- Picchu in Peru and Isfahan in Iran. At the moment, I speak English, Uzbek, Russian, Tajik and French as well!

    It’s always a great pleasure for me to share information about rich and interesting history, traditions and cultural values of my beautiful country. But as they say, better to see at least once, than to hear thousands of times, so I propose different tailor made programs for everyone, who wants to visit gorgeous Uzbekistan!

    Looking forward to create your dream tour to Uzbekistan! 🙂

    Shahlo Silk Road Destinations
  • Alika - French speaking manager

    Hi to everybody! My name is Alika.
    I am Sales manager of the French speaking markets at Silk Road Destinations.

    Indeed, every good thing happens when we less expect it and so my work at this company began purely by accident. Since that moment my life completely changed!
    Working at our company, I got not only professional development, but as well personal.

    Travelling –is more than changing of the place. It is an endless source of Inspiration. This is a source for enriching our inner worlds and an opportunity to know the world by meeting different people.

    I love much my job. Every day in the morning I am pleased to go to my work as I know that new day will bring me new changes for personal development.

    During the time I worked at Silk Road Destinations, the company developed and became enough strong. Today it is prosperous organization with great plans for the future. I am happy to be a one part of this company.

  • Narina - French speaking manager


    My name is Narina and from my early childhood I have a deep passion to travel! 🙂

    When I was 6, I discovered for myself The Black Sea, and sometime after, boundless reaches of my lovely country! My entire life was devoted to explore new destinations and gain more experience! 🙂

    My work at Silk Road Destinations lets me to improve my skills and knowledge in tourism sphere and I get a great pleasure to communicate with interesting people and help them to explore breathtaking monuments and places in Uzbekistan and across Central Asia.
    I was born in Samarkand and I love my motherland like nothing else! Every site and monument in it means a lot for me, especially in Mausoleum of Hodja Daniyar, where I feel myself so light and free!

    Tourism opens the door of various discoveries and explorations; there is no place for stereotypes when ones is travelling, so I strongly invite you to visit my beautiful country and I am eager to welcome you in Uzbekistan!

  • Tatyana - French speaking manager

    Tatyana – Content manager.

    As a French speaking guide, I have been accompanying travelers in Uzbekistan and other countries of Central Asia for 12 years. I am interested in Islamic architecture, archeology, Uzbek and Persian poesy, national music and art, but mostly I am passionate at mysterious and enigmatic world of traveling.

    I see traveling as:
    — gaining new experience
    — learning a lot of useful information
    — meeting kind people and communicating with them
    — world cognition and self-discovery, based on witnessed.

    Just by these criterias I create the itineraries for my clients.

    My aim is to impartially response to any request, always placing your wishes and needs at the first place for that you will have a desire to come back again to my beautiful country after your travel with Silk Road Destinations.

    Tatyana - Silk Road Destinations
  • Nafisa - Italian speaking manager

    Assalomu aleykum! My name is Nafisa. I was born in Samarkand, which is considered as a Pearl of East.

    Being one of the experienced tour operators of Silk Road Destinations, I create different itineraries both for individuals and groups. My professional knowledge always lets me to create dream tour for everyone, who is eager to visit my beautiful country!

    In order to create a perfect tour, I always try to make visitor’s wishes and expectations meet during their voyage. My knowledge, gained during my professional work as a guide and as a tour operator, helps me organize unforgettable tours in Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

    Since 2001, our agency helps a great number of visitors from worldwide to discover our most ancient monuments and get knowledge about our cultural values. Warm hospitality of our nation, our traditions, cultural heritage, ancient history of my country and beautiful landscapes always leave good impressions to all visitors.

    I am always proud to be born in Uzbekistan and I am always glad to share with you my knowledge or to create for you perfect tour!

    Nafisa - Silk Road Destinations
  • Kamila - Russian and English speaking manager

    Assalom-aleykum! My name is Kamila. I was born in Samarkand.

    I began working as a guide 5 years ago, when I guided the group of musicians from the USA during the International Musical Festival “Shark Taronalari”. I had and experience of working as volunteer guiding diplomatic missions from different countries (minister of trade from Kyrgyzstan, diplomatic mission of Asian Development Bank, diplomatic mission from Indonesia). Besides, I escorted the guests during the 99th session of UNWTO.

    I love Uzbekistan for the beauty of its magic cities, that can’t be found anywhere else in in the world.

    Each of them has its own, unique and fascinating atmosphere which makes you fall in love in it and dream about it no matter how far you are. Uzbek people are very friendly and are always eager to help each other, to treat you with something tasty. Uzbek food is really delicious. It takes weeks to taste everything. It’s Uzbekistan where you can try the best plov, juicy melons and bread, the smell of which attract you when you wander the old narrow streets of the city.

    Kamila Silk Road Destinations
  • Said - Chinese and English speaking manager

    Assalomu Aleykum, dear friends!

    I would like to introduce myself in some words. My name is Said, I am sales manager of Chinese market.

    My first experience in tourism sphere was begun in 2012, and then I used to work as guide-volunteer and gained the skills. In 2013 I successfully finished all courses of guide –interpreter and I began my professional work.

    I have an experience to visit almost all cities of my beautiful country and I can safely say that they don’t cook “Norin” anywhere else, like in Tashkent or “Plov” like in Samarkand, the “Jiz-Biz” of Kashkadarya is the best one, in Gijduvan, near Bukhara you can taste most delicious “Shashlyk” and people in Khiva are the masters of fish cooking!

    So, believe me, one can visit Uzbekistan not just for sightseeing, but for discovering its delicious cuisine as well! 🙂

  • Fuzuliy - German speaking manager

    Assalom-aleykum! My name is Fuzuliy, I am 30 and I was born in one of the ancient city of the world, in Samarkand.

    I have got various interests and goals in professional life. I am interested not only in the history and culture of my country, but also the traditions of other countries are very interesting for me.

    For the last years of my professional work, I could introduce my beautiful country, within its ancient history to many German speaking guests and it was always pleasure for me to help them explore the most ancient sites and get acquaintance with them. Since then I can see visitors’ admiration of Uzbek hospitality. Immerse yourself into the history of the Great Silk Road and take a visit to Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva! You will meet friendly people, taste the most exquisite dishes of local cuisine and explore divine beauty of nature!

    I am ready helping you to realize your dream and make an unforgettable tour to Uzbekistan!

  • Umid – reservation manager

    Hi, my name is Umid, I am a manager, responsible for reservation process of tours at Silk Road Destinations. My responsibilities are booking the rooms in hotels, buying entrance tickets and tickets for domestic trains and flights for our guests.

    I always should be very attentive and update my database, and this pushes me up during my work day.
    For the years of my work at the company, I understand, that in travel business it is very important to be kindly attentive about the wishes and requires of clients, and always to deliver the best services on time.
    Except, I gained other personal and professional quality –feeling responsibility about those, who trust us the organization of dream tour.

    I also like the opportunity that gives me my job, to travel and meet the people, with whom I am in touch during my work. In fact, I love to meet and communicate with different people and share with them information about my work and interests. Constant self-improvement is also one subject of my interests.

    Briefly, I could say that many people want to work in tourism sphere, but very few could do it, many times just those, who love it much. And in our company, you can find just this kind of people.

    Therefore I invite all of you to my beautiful country!

  • Javlon - car fleet manager

    Assalomu aleykum dear friends! I would like to briefly introduce myself, my name is Javlon, I am a manager, responsible for transportation services. Since 2010 I work at Silk Road destinations.

    I am passionate to my work. Organizing different kinds of transportation services for our dear guests is my main task. Our company owns comfortable and top quality buses, micro-buses and cars.

    My goal is to always provide travelers with comfortable and high-quality transportation services in Uzbekistan. With a great pleasure I invite you to my legendary beautiful country.

    Welcome to Uzbekistan!

  • Tatyana – chief accountant

    Hello! My name is Tatyana, I am a chief accountant of the Silk Road Destinations company.

    I was born and live in Samarkand. I love every unusual and wonderful thing, and most wonderful –is traveling, for this reason I work at our company with a great pleasure.

    “We can be happy because of love, lovely job and opportunity to travel” Ivan Bunin.

  • Takhir – financial manager

    Hi to everybody! My name is Takhir!

    I was born and grew up in Kazakhstan. For more than 23 years I live in Uzbekistan and for me this wonderful and unforgettable country is my second motherland.

    I am a financial manager at Silk Road Destinations.
    Working in the financial sphere, I didn’t think to work at touristic company.
    Here, I met good and kindhearted people; all of them are the expert of the work.

    Our company –is the united and friendly collective of specialists, doing much effort at comfortable and unforgettable trips in Uzbekistan. We respect your desires and needs about travelling!

    Welcome to Uzbekistan!

  • Mikhail – IT manager

    Mikhail –is IT manager at Silk Road Destinations. He was born and grew up in Samarkand. He likes to travel, scale the summits and to go camping. He specializes in IT for more than 6 years.

    At Silk Road Destinations he works since 2015. His task is developing web sites, promoting them in search engines and social networking sites. Also he helps to stuff learning new technologies.

  • Sergei – Media and IT manager

    Way is beginning from the simple to the complex,
    Step by step we are creating a new one.
    Coming nearer …
    To the simple…
    Too simple? Few letteris?
    What can I do, it is my job –to be simple. 🙂