The Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Capital. Bishkek

Area. 198 500 km2

Population. 4800 000 people

Location. Kyrgyzstan is bounded by Kazakhstan in the north, by Uzbekistan in the west, by Tajikistan in the South and by China in the east. The largest mountain system of the Central Asia Pamir Alay and Tien- Shan are stretched on all territory of Kyrgyzstan.

Mostly visited places. Osh, Kochkor, Tokmak, Karakol, Balykchi, Tamga, Bishkek.

State language. Kirgiz, Russian

Religion. 70% — Muslims, 6 % — orthodox Christians.

Ethnic composition. 52% — Kirgiz, 21 %— Russians, 13%-Uzbeks, 2,5 % —Ukrainians , 2, 4 % — Germen.

Currency. Som = 100 tiyin.

Flora. In Mountains areas of Kyrgyzstan there are walnut forests, Siverse apple tree, Sogdy alycha, standard pear, Korjinsky pear, Tian-Shan cherry, pistachio, Djungar and many others.

Fauna. In Kyrgyzstan live such rare animals, like Tian-Shan bear, snow leopard and red wolf.

Rivers and Seas. The biggest rivers are Ural, Emba, Syrdarya, Ili, Tobol, Irtysh and Ishim. There are more than 40 thousand lakes, the biggest one is Balkhash.