The Republic of Kazakhstan.

Capital. Astana

Area. 2 724 900 km2

Population. 16 847 000 people.

Kazakhstan is bounded by Russia in the north, by China in the east, by Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in the south and is surrounded by Caspian Sea in the west .

Mostly visited places. Almaty, Astana, Otrar, Shymkent.

State language. Kazakh, Russian

Religion. 47% — Muslims, 44% — orthodox christians, 2% —Protestants.

Ethnic composition. 41, 9% — Kazakhs, 37% — Russians, 5, 2%-Ukrainians, 4, 7% — Germen, 2, 1 % — Uzbeks, 2% — Tatars.

Currency. Tengue = 100 tiyin.

Flora. The forests cover 3% of the land area of Kazakhstan. There are more than 6,000 species of highest vascular plants, about 5,000 species of mushrooms, 485 species of lichen, and more than 2,000 species of seaweed in this country.

Fauna. In Kazakhstan live saiga, gopher, hamster, love, marmot, hare, and Persian gazelle. In forests live squirrels, glutton and in mountains — wild ram, snow leopard.

Rivers and Seas. The biggest rivers are Ural, Emba, Syrdarya, Ili, Tobol, Irtysh and Ishim. There are more than 40 thousand lakes, the biggest one is Balkhash.