Navruz and Palov are in the UNESCO Heritage List!

Persian New Year “Navruz” and Uzbek traditional dish “Palov” are inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, UNESCO.

On 21st of March, people of Uzbekistan, as well as other Countries of Central Asia celebrate the main national holiday Navruz. A number of traditions, ceremonies and cultural events take place in this important for nation day. In some regions celebration of the holiday lasts till the end of month.

The Uzbek Palov made of rise, meat, carrot and spices can be prepared as a regular meal, as a gesture of hospitality, as a main dish in special occasions, like weddings or New Year or for honor of loved ones, who have passed away.

There are more than sixty cooking methods of Palov in Uzbek cuisine; in each region of the country it could have different tastes. There is a pretty good tradition among the travelers to taste the Palov of each region and chose the best one at the end of the tour!

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